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Everyone has ugly parts of their personality, the parts we like to dole out in small amounts as we get to know someone, and jerks are the same way. While we’re all guilty of occasionally having angry, absurd, or even mildly crazy experiences after drinking too much, some people are just straight-up awful when they drink.

Although the ugly part of your personality might be that you get angry when someone swipes the last donut from the office kitchen, which, let’s be honest, is pretty endearing, jerks obviously have a whole other level of ugly behavior. There’s nothing worse than a mean drunk, and jerks are almost always means drunks because their real evil selves come out of hiding.

While we may not be able to rid the world of jerks, we can definitely rid our lives of jerks if we keep our wits about ourselves and don’t let them get too close.

It’s all about awareness and seeing clearly, even if the potential jerk is the hottest, sexiest person you’ve ever met.

Never send money to someone you’ve only met online.

Also, don’t agree to do other favors they may request, such as making an online purchase or forwarding a package to another country, both of which can be related to criminal activities. Copy a dating prospect’s profile photo and do an image search using Google or another search engine to see if the same photo is being used by anyone else.

An online love interest who asks for such favors or wire transfers of cash is almost certainly a scam artist, the FTC says. You also can copy portions of the text used in their profile or messages they send you and search online to see if the same text appears on multiple sites under different names or photos. If the person repeatedly delays or makes excuses for not getting together, that’s a red flag. If someone’s profile seems too good to be true or you have misgivings for any reason, pay attention to those gut feelings.

Is meeting someone via online dating riskier than meeting a potential partner at a party, a bar, or going on a blind date?

If you take it slow, it will give you a chance to hopefully see the jerkery before you start having feelings for them. If you want to see just how jerky the person you’re dating really is, then don’t let any inappropriate behavior slide. If they can’t see that what they’ve done is completely jerky, then voila!

They’re a total jerk and you can make a clean break before you get sucked in too deep.

In the end, the money will be gone along with the person you thought you knew.” Some scammers may even have proposed making wedding plans before disappearing with your money.

Following are several online dating safety tips from the FTC and the FBI: 1.

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No amount of good looks can make up for a jerk, and that’s something you need to remind yourself every time a jerk comes your way.

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