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With each day, reality looms closer and R finds himself to be the catalyst that could change the world. A modern university AU set in a world where Uther is the British government, Morgana is his rebellious ward, Gwen is her indecisive roommate, and Merlin ends up as roommate to the king of clotpoles himself, Arthur Pendragon. There was an old man that sat by the lake, one that people would watch and wonder about. But the world moves on and there are still stories to tell. What they went through could've been just a round of high school crush drama. Slightly spoiler-y, so if you haven't seen 5x01, you may want to avoid. Explores their newly physical relationship in the months between their failed elopement and reveal to the family. It is an epilogue of sorts to my story Things Left Unsaid.

Some memories are meant to overcome the sense of time, can Edward regain who he once was? **Nominated for 4 Awards**This story focuses on Matthew and Mary being amorous and passionate in the mornings of their marriage, and that's essentially all it focuses on. The chapters aren't in order of time, more like snapshots. Their final year, their final chance at finding each other, his final plan to call Lily Evans his. Most will be slashy John and Sherlock, but who knows who else and what else..Twitter knows for sure. Neither did the Prince of Asgard expect to find such a prize and a challenge. He's been sitting by the lake for days, staring across the smooth water and wondering how the sun can still shine and the wind can still blow as if the whole world hadn't been turned upside down and inside out. Music school is competitive, and aspiring singer Bella Swan is determined to succeed.

Together, they try to resolve the things left unsaid since they last saw each other, while trying to adjust Arthur to modern life. A struggling and frustrated Amy redeems an 'Afternoon at the Science Centre' Cooper Coupon.

And as Merlin desperately tries to figure out why Albion needs him now, Arthur begins to suspect he was brought back for one specific reason-Merlin. Bella is left to tutor Edward when he loses his memory. JP/LE alongside the ever wonderful Marauders."Maybe they're quiet because they have to be, sneaking around in her thin-walled apartment, giggling and shushing each other and hoping to God her mother or brothers don't find them out." Movie! Will an innocent trip to the Science Centre be the kick start to a typical relationship between Shamy? Mainly a Romance with Humor/Drama A few months after Sheldon and Amy consummate their relationship, Sheldon shows up unexpectedly at Amy's apartment one evening. Disclaimer: The Big Bang Theory doesn't belong to me. You should do this all the time."Pre-Thor, Loki/OFC.

Sheldon and Amy consummate their new status on their wedding night. Sherlock Holmes is an Oscar winning actor in a career slump, John Watson is an Everyman actor trapped in date movies.

Amy is both thrilled and nervous about the idea of offering their chastity to each other but a rather skilled Sheldon prompts Amy to wonder if she really is his first. When they are cast as a gay couple in a new film, will they surprise each other? Loki's trying to take over the world again, but becomes distracted by a certain political science major. Meeting the parents is scary, but joining your significant other's family for the holidays is outright terrifying.

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