Dating a shy coworker

When that coworker is also a romantic partner, you need to find a strategy to allow yourself to feel frustrated without letting that drag your relationship down.

Another reason for this honesty is that you don’t want to end up doing things at work that create resentments in your personal life.

But, here are some things to think about: One problem with working closely together at your job is that there are times that you are going to disagree about the direction of a project.

It is hard enough giving criticism to coworkers and having workplace disagreements.

At the beginning of any relationship that starts to get serious, you cannot imagine that anything will go wrong.

And it is no fun to think about the potential problems that might arise when you are full of the bliss of a new romance.

The big reason for being open with your relationship status is that you work closely together on projects.

We both really like each other so we don’t want to break up, and we’re always professional in the office.One thing you will need to consider is how you can each take some space from each other when needed.Everyone has had days when they are angry with a coworker because of something that has happened at work.When you layer the romance on top of it, it can be even harder to voice disagreements.You need to work hard to make sure workplace disagreements do not create personal problems.

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