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It is NEVER your fault when a guy abuses you in some way.Even if you did do something to make him mad, he needs to learn how to deal with that anger and react better.We’ve probably all been there, or somewhere close at least, where the reality and timing of life has plonked its unwanted rear end right smack in the middle of your potential relationship, forcing you to give up on each other before you’ve even had chance to make it work. You’re old enough to make the right decisions, and young enough to make the wrong ones. Let’s face it: How many times have we all heard that our 20s are for f*cking up (or just f*cking)?Yeah, these excuses are usually made to get your friends off your back, but they’re also made to help you feel better about the crappy way he’s treating you. Yes, there are plenty of times where your BF really busy with work and that’s why he can’t be around as much as you’d like.But I’ve found that most of the time, when these excuses are coming out of a girl’s mouth every other day, her boyfriend just sucks and she can’t admit it.She has a cat called G who fetches like a dog, and a love for singing around the camp fire.realize, but you don’t want to admit it to yourself or anyone you know, so you end up just making all of these excuses for your boyfriend whenever he does something awful. If you’ve found yourself in a relationship where you’re constantly making excuses for your boyfriend’s behavior, you’ve found yourself in the wrong relationship.

But, it’s okay, because Becky Milburn is a digital journalist who took her Geordie accent and moved to the Big Smoke.We can plan as much as we want, but nothing ever really goes the way we think it will. When we were 18, we thought we’d have traveled the world by 24.We’re human, and we adapt to unexpected and undesirable life changes because that’s what keeps the balance and keeps us in control.What happens when your parents pass away, having never met their grandchildren or future son- or daughter-in-law?Let’s be honest: Is it ever really the “right” time?

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