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Aidan and I struck up conversation on such occasion, followed by exchanging numbers, which quickly turned into mild flirting.

But as I saw him undoing his tie and telling me to turn and put my hands behind my back, my heart was racing.but definitely nothing prepared me for what was coming.After a few weeks of innocent flirting which I expected to turn into a drinks date and possibly casual sex, Aidan dropped a bomb… he was into power play and was looking for a submissive. I wanted to find out more, if for no other reason, just to satisfy my curiosity.After the first time, I was covered in sweat and body fluids, my mascara was running down my eyes and his tie left its mark on my wrists for days.I knew I was addicted to it – every time I looked down at the redness around my wrists or saw the bruises he left on my body it reminded me of how he made my blood flow faster through my veins and my heart race so fast I thought it would stop.

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Looking back at it, half a year later, I still don’t know what it was that drove me to say yes.

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