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Turns out, most women also reject these assholes outright: I react to it the same way I do to any backhanded compliment or politely phrased insult, I decide the person is probably an asshole invested in maintaining their 'coolness/status/whatever' and who thinks that they should manipulate other people's insecurities because their own insecurity level is so high.— nevertruly As for me? You might try giving them suggestions of better insults or — my personal favorite — grading them on their negging performance.

The man who uses the Internet handle "Redditredpill" is having difficulty understanding women after going to a nightclub with some friends. 'F--- off, go away, who are you, why should we let you sit with us?

(There is a subset of Red Pillers that want For a group whose ideology presents itself as a straightforward means of self-improvement and sociological liberation, Red Pill often muddies the water with highly-charged polemics on the proper way for men and women to relate to each other.

Pickup-style artistry is often emphasized as the effective way to talk to and ultimately copulate with women.

This may sound like the instigatory words of someone looking for a fight, sarcasm gone too far at best.

But Redditredpill shared his story in earnest with a very specific community that empathizes with his perspective. The basis of this philosophy, which underpins almost all conversations in his community, is that females get away with things by virtue of being female.

Community members motivate each other and update everyone on their progress as they lose weight at the gym and build muscle, though it's almost always for the end goal of increasing one's sexual eligibility.

It's misogynistic, stupid and will never get you anywhere (if your goal is a non-toxic, healthy relationship).

As he tells it, "girls threw themselves at us for a sip of our vodka, to sit with us, to feel wanted." These girls had "no intent on actually getting with [him]": Imagine the reverse. A table of girls, I went over to the girls on other side of club, and said 'Hi, can I get a sip of your champagne? ' Said exactly the same to the [women] that came up to us [...] So a group of single girls on a table allowed some [women] to sit with them, rather then an attractive male, who they didn't know, [who] actually had a table himself [...] Point is, they tried [...] and failed.

And I tried to go to a group of girls and that failed too, as they thought they were superior.

To some guys, negging is Speak to women as though they are children — because emotionally, they are.

They have the same small passions and cravings for fantasy that children have — girls just want to have fun ...

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Later, he also goes on to say, "A Neg also serves to blast through her Bitch Shield."I don't know, but I really don't think someone who calls women "bitches" finds them to be equals.

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