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I was also making money as an SAT tutor, but I was reviewing books for the I met him during the year I was depressed about not having my first book published.

I made him read the first book after it had already been rejected — we’d been dating for like a month, but it was, like, a precondition to continuing to date me because it was just the central facet of my inner life.

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[Pauses.] We met when we were both freelance book reviewers.Pellegrino at a coffee shop on the south side of Fort Greene Park, wearing pronounced Warby Parker glasses, shifting a lot in her seat, nervously cutting herself off, pausing to think about what she’s just said, jumping through topics. There are some things in it that I didn’t think men would admit to themselves or their therapists, but especially not to a woman.After I read it, my then-girlfriend nervously asked me if it was all accurate. Who were the men she spoke to for research for the book who were spilling my secrets?I reread it recently and it’s not so bad that it could never have been published, but now I’m glad it wasn’t published — it’s nice that it can stay in the drawer.Do you wonder if the dispiriting things about Nate might be true about your husband?

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