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The movie marks the fictional-feature debut of Andrew Jarecki, who directed “Capturing the Friedmans,” the chilling documentary about a very different sort of family.

Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe, Cuba Gooding Jr., Josh Brolin, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Carla Gugino, Norman Reedus, Ted Levine, Roger Bart (Directed by Ridley Scott; Written by Terry George; Universal) Russell Crowe took home an Oscar as Best Actor of 2000 for “Gladiator,” and he nearly finished first again the following year for “A Beautiful Mind.” But he lost to Denzel Washington, who was named top gun for his work in “Training Day.” Now these powerhouse performers will be teamed for the first time since newcomer Crowe supported superstar Washington in 1995’s “Virtuosity.” But don’t expect a routine buddy flick.

If you flipped for “Batman Begins” (2005), chances are that “The Dark Knight” will please you, since it too has been helmed by that film's director, Christopher Nolan, and many cast members are doing encores.

Katie Holmes, however, does not return as delectable Rachel Dawes.

This exceedingly illegal immigrant specializes in the business of sex and shows little mercy on his victims, though there is a chance he will treat Ana--a British midwife who knows more than it is healthy to know about a young woman who died giving birth--with a smidgeon of tenderness.

Fans of 2005’s “A History of Violence” will be pleased to see Viggo Mortensen working once again under the shrewd, mischievous direction of David Cronenberg.

Literally, as it turns out in this thriller about a wealthy family that plays--and perhaps slays--together.That’s presumably why he formed a gang and got into the profitable but risky business of robbing banks and terrorizing train riders.In the end, Jesse was undone by Robert Ford, a young gang member who went from revering his outlaw boss to deeply resenting him and, finally, shooting Jesse in the back as he was trying to hang a picture on the wall.Before long, she is an armed and dangerous woman, night-stalking city streets in search of vengeance.Can a tough, well-intentioned cop (Terrence Howard) save her from self-destruction.

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