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Common approaches involve manually importing data or using Visual Basic for Applications to automate the process.In several circumstances, neither of the first 2 approaches to importing data I mention above (manually or VBA) may be the most appropriate.

Part of Power Query’s power comes from the fact that, as explained in My main purpose is to explain the main steps you need to follow to (i) connect Power Query to the data sources I list above, and (ii) import the data within those sources to Excel.With Consolidate Worksheets Wizard you can easily combine multiple worksheets into one or merge several workbooks and csv files without opening them, create summary reports, copy multiple worksheets to one large table, consolidate worksheets by name and more..Read more Download With this add-in you can easily merge Microsoft Excel cells values, columns and rows.You can place data from several cells into one cell or combine several cells keeping all their values..Read more Download Merge data from duplicate rows into one based on the selected key columns in Excel 2016-2007.

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