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He passes her the shoe and she hops along to get the shoe back on.

Finally she falls down and manages to get the shoe back on while being dragged along the ground.

Finally, she kicks off the remaining right shoe and gets up.

Finally, athird guy with her shoe gets to put it on Whites foot.Story and captions contributed by "feeture feature"; youtube link by bean zip".One Touch of Venus (1948): Olga San Juans character has afight with her boyfriend and throws a shoe at him but hits the wrong guy.The womeneach to remove one shoe, the shoes are placed in the center, the men dash to the shoes and pick up one.Whoever they match is their partner for the next dance and supper.

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He is walking so quickly that she has to half-run tokeep up with him. You see the wife trying to hop along to keep her foot off the grass then she just runs along in one shoe.

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