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In middle school, your friends are all supposed to be friends with each other — that’s just how it goes. She was mad about something, so she slammed her locker shut before acknowledging my presence.And though I remember that single moment, I don’t remember when she went from “M’s friend” to “my friend” to “my best friend” to “my sole life partner.” But that’s what happened. After spending my entire middle school career with her, I was tragically forced to move high schools.I had never in my life thrown as angsty a fit as I did when I had to switch schools.My frustration had nothing at all to do with the school itself.

Selena Gomez is gorgeous, a talented actress who gives great line delivery and is also one of the greatest singer's in human history. Justin Bieber's throwback pics and the included captions are, uh, Yeah.I met C when we were 12 years old, outside of her locker at school.Another friend of ours, M, had introduced the two of us.When I couldn’t find a quarter, we would schedule a time via email for her to call the pay phone where I would be waiting.We would chat for an hour, sometimes more, until it got dark or until her parents wanted her to get off the damn phone.

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