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In this inaugural Global Dialogues blog post, we would like to live up to a promise we made to a remarkable and inspiring young woman: Melissa Ikirezi of Rwanda.One of the 20 international winners of the Global Dialogues contest earlier this year, Melissa lives openly and courageously with HIV.This page lists all of the free, publicly available Twine games I am aware of. I do not own or endorse any of these games or their authors, except where obvious.These games are included solely to make the archive have total, indiscriminate coverage. (Note: Some errors are likely to have been made in crediting particular authors.I had the pleasure and honor of speaking with Melissa after the international Global Dialogues jury had selected her, and she said that she had a request, namely that we publish her story in its entirety.Melissa is also one of Rwanda’s Sheroes; you can see her in a UNDP/Rwanda You Tube film at VAwb MM (please see Melissa speaking at the 0-minute 30-second mark, then at 3’45”, 7’35”, 8’00” and 12’50”).The baby died even before his mother saw him that wasn’t only the tragedy happen by that time the mother lost conscience and she went in a comma of three days and because of that the doctor took a decision in other to save the mom’s life they were supposed to inject her other blood because she had lost a lot of blood; that was a very good response for the need of the family to bring their mom back.But on the other hand this was a very bad idea because by this time this brought a huge problem in the family. During the blood transfusion by that time there were very low health quality they can’t even test blood before giving it to somebody else because the AIDS awareness was still on very low rate and because of all that the mother unfortunately she get infected but by that time she wasn’t even aware of what was going on and suddenly she infected her husband unwillingly because she wasn’t aware of AIDS neither her husband, by the time people start talking about AIDS and the mother went to give a test because now she knew how AIDS is transmitted and she has been through different blood transfusion, but as I told you she was a powerful lady she was ready for any kind of result.

What wonderful news but when the time comes for giving birth for the new baby; oups!

And most of the time I cried and asking God why he let all that happening to me and even took my mother away from me in time I needed her to comfort me?

So, from that moment on I hated God with all my heart and even they asked me to go to church I told them that I don’t believe in God because God is selfish thus I don’t have any business with him; actually by that time the problem I had was stigma. After that I realized that I was closed in a very dark and thin prison of past, and after realizing that one of my sister called Gladys told me that there is nothing we can do for the past but there is something past can teach us.

So, as I promised you I am going to tell you my story; in this story I will tell you the challenges I faced the all 19 years passed and how I used to get over of them.

How the true world is and how it used to be for me all my childhood life and even after that and also how I expected my life to be and how my life is.

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anyway the mother moved from UNDP to WHO and her last job was in UNAIDS.

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