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Those irresponsible creatures without human sensibility, who posted such video in the name of stupidity called politics, only did so because they feel that's the only way they can silence her. After discriminating women for so many years, haven't you built for yourselves that sense of responsibility for once? Would you feel happy if someone had recorded your mother, sister, daughter, etc in such a manner? You can critique a female politician in many ways without posting a naked pic of her or a sexual video.

For God in Heaven's sake, being into politics doesn't mean you are not a human being to do some of those normal things a natural human being should do.

Lastly, we from the UP empathize with the lady in the video and will do all in our powers to preserve her dignity and protect her womanhood.

We are also kindly appealing to members of the general public to stop sharing this video as the sharing only further brings the lady to public ridicule and embarrassment.” Asked why the party did not include the accused in the press statement when the girls photograph and the video of the act is being shared around the social media, Mr.

Under Liberian law, however, authorities have said they cannot take action unless the victim or injured makes a complaint.

In Malawi and Uganda, authorities have put in place anti-pornography or anti-obscenity provisions in the law to guard against various forms of “cyber violence” against women although there have been mounting calls for tougher legislations to curb their incidence rates and to ensure redress for victims.

Ali later told Front Page Africa that the party is investigating Mr. “We are investigating him because we need to establish whether or not he is a member of the Unity Party or a supporter of Boakai because the chatroom is open to everyone.

For this, I appeal to all those who currently have the tape, to stop circulating it and to do the honorable thing of deleting it.

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At the same time, I would like to publicly state that I #empathize with the female in question! ” Not everyone is buying into the excuse that it may have been a mistake. aptly summed up the views of many when he posted: “What do you hope to gain by sharing her nude video with you in bed on social media in the name of mistake?

” Invasion sexual privacy constitutes a crime in most countries where it is considered illegal to record or post intimate moments without their consent.

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