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The text that was adopted by the 28 EU member states was better than the Commission's proposal but much worse than the position of the European Parliament.

After this stage, the three institutions had to reach a common agreement within the so-called 'trilogues' Visit Open Rights Group, Info House, It-Pol, Xnet and Start-ups for Net Neutrality joined the fight. This period was even less transparent than the previous one.

With this overwhelming support and constant advocacy from civil society, journalists, academics, librarians and startups we acheived this great success.

Met een drankje in de hand op je eigen terras, nagenietend van een heerlijke stranddag, met uitzicht op een prachtig ondergaande zon: dit is het echte vakantiegevoel van Curaçao.

During the ensuing three years, the Save The coalition campaigned successfully for the Regulation on which the BEREC consultation was based.

Save The wants to thank everyone who participated in this outstanding effort to protect the free, open Internet! This is the first verison of which offered tools to contact Members of the European Parliament via fax, phone and e-mail to convince them to uphold net neutrality in the Telecom Single Market regulation.

Savethe Internet was projected over Telefonica's building in the center of Barcelona before the vote.

It is always very hard for public interests groups to influence this stage of the legislative process.

The first 100,000 comments were delivered by us personally to the BEREC office in Riga.

More protests followed in Bonn, Brussels, and Barcelona.

To that end, civil society has to stay watchful and observe that telecom operators don’t violate the new principles.

The consultation came as the final step of a legislative process that was launched in September 2013.

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