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Osment expanded her repertoire into pop music and alternative/indie rock, where she has recorded teen pop hits like "I Don't Think About It", "If I Didn't Have You" alongside her Hannah Montana co-star Mitchel Musso, and "Once Upon a Dream".

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Perhaps you like to see how older world globes show the political boundaries of their times.

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Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji-Hoon, is one of the biggest names in the world of K-pop, which commands a huge following in South Korea, across much of Asia and beyond.

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One-third of respondents were 16-18; one-third of respondents were 19-21; one-third of respondents were 22-24. A full report is available upon request from Lifetime Television.)Brothers and sisters who fight while growing up lay the groundwork for battering their dates by the time they get to college, according to a University of Florida study.

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The scarcity of Kyrgyz-language children’s books prompted AKF to develop and publish 35 original titles, including three dual-language books promoting pluralism and tolerance, which have been distributed to over 2,200 schools across the country.

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Nonetheless I find myself oddly satisfied and intend to spend the rest of my life with him... We are both very happy and grateful to Blues Match.