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before the last) : — (a) in combination with the penultimate: tdhanan, simulain, nd- rarapat, makita; — (b) in combination with the acute stress : kawanihan, kdgawardn, ndririydn, ndririto.

kaibigan, friend kaibigan, desire, inclination, preference kaibig&n, mutual consent kaibigan, sweetheart, boy-friend or girl-friend 2.

Lynette (Sharon Cuneta) is a conservative and religious lady who leads a boring life selling native delicacies in Laguna. So when she gets a marriage proposal from Manuel (Robin Padilla), whose family is known to be a brood of chauvinists, she was ecstatic.

Upon learning this news, Manuel's family was not exactly happy.

The INL we understand bases the standard pronunciation upon the preferences of literate Manila, which is the metropolitan in which all Tagalogs of differing accents meet and in which certain mannerisms gain a more or less permanent foothold.

Among such words are: din (rin), man ( namdn ), pa, na, nga; the postpositive pronouns ka, ko, mo, niya, etc. T.” Tagalog terms not in common use but deemed needed are indicated by “nc.” Coined words which the author considered as possibly useful are followed by “cw.” 5.

They also corrected him, saying that the national language as provided in the 1987 Constitution is Filipino, not Tagalog.

Alyansa ng mga Tagapagtanggol ng Wika or “Tanggol Wika,” a collective of professors, lawmakers, and artists from more than 70 colleges and universities, cited several points debunking Locsin’s views.

The alliance claimed that Filipino is the language of the 99 percent of Filipinos and that since the presidential debate is a government-organized event, it should be in Filipino.

The group asked Locsin to apologize for his remarks.

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