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Since then, she's learned to use her prosthetic legs and became an apt sports player, before starting swimming lessons four-years-ago and progressing to specialised training academies.

It's hoped that Haven will represent the USA at the Paralympic Games in addition to modelling, and she has joined Models of Diversity to show others they should embrace their unique differences and live life to the fullest just like her.

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Thus, a Christian ascetic who crawled with vermin and reeked of body odor was venerated as a paragon of virtue.

They represent people of all ages, races, body sizes, disabilities and non-traditional gender identification.Haven said: 'My prosthetic legs are very noticeable, it's the first thing you see because they are black and shiny, but it makes me individual.'It's part of me, I can't wake up and be like I want legs, I have to live with what I have.'I go to hospitals to meet other amputees, when I show them I can still walk and live a very full exciting life, after talk to them it's like their world has changed.'It's a feeling I can't describe, you're definitely in the moment, you see their moods change and them getting hope by me showing them what their lives can be like.'Since started swimming at the age of ten, Haven was scouted and is training to compete as part of the USA Paralympic team ready for the 2020 games in Tokyo, Japan.The Shepherd family say they are immensely proud of their daughter's achievements and since working with Models of Diversity she hopes to inspire sites by country

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She added: 'I always worried about telling her the truth about why she lost her legs, so from the time she was on my hip I told her, I didn't whisper like it was a secret part of her life.'I told her that she was a healthy but impoverished baby, the product of a love affair.'Feeling hopeless in their situation, her parents decided to commit a family suicide by strapping bombs to themselves and holding their baby girl.'The explosion killed them both and caused Haven to lose both of her legs below the knee but miraculously she survived'By the time she was five after retelling her story she told me, 'Well that was stupid' and after that she was good.'Until the age of five, Haven refused to wear her prosthetic legs, ever since that moment she's been defying the odds and even redefined her parents' perception of her limitations.

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