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Whether advertisers can appropriately inject themselves into the mix of emotional and trivial banter is still a concern.

Too many useless vibrations in pockets and purses could alienate users and cause them to switch to a chat app with fewer distractions, Lieb said."Saying, 'Click here, buy this laundry detergent' won't work," she said.

But Line doesn't intend to survive on sticker sales alone."We want to be the messaging and entertainment platform in the U. and achieve it by creating partnerships with major brands," said Line's Kim.

The next challenge for Line and its competitors is persuading non-entertainment brands to use and advertise on them, said IPG's Wilson.

It can be hard to keep up with all the updates on your favourite apps.

If you're baffled by the latest photo messaging app features, read this handy guide – which will tell you everything you need to know...

The company also allows artists to design and sell stickers.

In the program's first three-plus months, people across 124 countries submitted 30,000 sticker sets and earned million in sales, Line said last month.

The goal is to keep the rock band on people's minds, Halemane said."Creating a presence on every social media network is not the right strategy, but we add platforms because we're committing to it," he said, expressing excitement about Line features such as video streaming.The apps threaten to siphon advertising dollars from the social media leaders, which are already starting to see chat apps overtake them as the most-used apps on smartphones, according to Forrester Research.Chat apps "demand attention," said Rebecca Lieb, an analyst at the consulting firm Altimeter Group.He added that he would "definitely" reopen Line if Grande used it differently from Facebook or Twitter.During the fan chat, Grande answered a question from Amanda Leonard, 26, of Dayton, Ohio.

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