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Forms; namespace Windows Forms Application3 of a form.One line 15 of your second section of code, you create a new instance of Form1, then on 16 you try to append it.Titles like "C# 4.0, The Complete Language" are not teaching books.If the title includes the words "Learn" or "Master" or "Teach" they might be teaching books. You cannot learn Italian by just reading an Italian dictionary. You have to take lessons and do the learning exercises.How to get string variable from another widget blueprint?I am trying to update a textbox from a class in the same namespace. So I am trying to understand how the Message Box is able to display the value of the sting from class b however the textbox is not updated.You haven't used any code to show this From1, but it exists.

If you really need to find the current instance of a form, and there can only ever be one instance of the form, the applying the Singleton design pattern is more appropriate and clues in the reader that there should only ever be one instance of the form.

The simple sample below firesoff a message box with that proves that class b is sending the information to class a. Again, you're looking at the textbox in a different instance of Form1.

The issue is: The textbox does not update with the String from class b however it displays the string in the Message Box that is called from the form.

Instead of void, why not have Class1.aupdate() return a string which you append to the textbox in the original instance of Form1? I am new to c# and am trying to understand some of the nuances.

Unfortunately, it's a different instance from the one you're expecting it to append.

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