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Technically, personal relationships can develop two years following the termination of the professional work together.

Where the two-year rule came from I have no idea but you can start having lunch with your former shrink in September, 2010 if you stop working with her tomorrow.

For Psychologists in the United States, personal relationships (whether they be sexual or platonic) after professional ones are frowned upon.

The reason for this and all ethical codes is client protection.

To paraphrase: “If Sara’s therapist is a smart one, she knows that one phone call from Sara to the licensing board leads to trouble.

One missed lunch, an unreturned text message or a stolen husband by Sara’s therapist gives that chick the ammunition to turn her over to the Shrink Feds.

Supposedly she was measuring variables like finger tapping speed in response to various stimuli in right-handed vs.

Twitter can make them see that they’re just living their lives.” While some therapists do use Twitter as a professional platform, it can be disconcerting when clients find their “private” accounts — which was of course what happened when I found Dr. “My entire practice is virtual, so having an online presence is a necessity for me.There is an inherent power differential between therapist and client.You, as the client, are revealing so much about yourself yet often learn very little about the person you’re talking to. The thinking is that no matter how much your erstwhile therapist discloses to you as friends, he or she will always have that knowledge, that information that you might not have shared had you two not had a therapeutic relationship.“If you’re, say, coming to me because you have a panic disorder and you happened to see a photo of me tagged on Facebook, then it’s probably not that helpful to bring that up,” says Dobrenski. “But if you can’t stop thinking about it, then there might be something there about how you see authority figures or what place the therapist fills in your life.” In other words, sounds like Dr.

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