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I never feel like I have to be on Twitter or feel obligated to follow certain kinds of people.

I still have a lot of fun and it just feels like shooting the shit with kids at the lockers after school. I feel like I am a troll more often than anything else.

You wrote a genius piece for The Toast called "Torch Songs where the words 'Me' has been replaced by 'bees'".

Did you brainstorm a whole list of whackadoo brilliance, or are these things that just come to you at different points during the day?

Everything important doesn't always need to be openly declared. If you really want to have a big argument with someone and they don't engage then it's awfully hard to get that conversation started.

"Turn down the lights/Turn down the bed/Turn down these voices inside my head/Lay down with bees")I do have daily deadlines so I have to write something whether I have a good idea or not.Mallory Ortberg, writer, satirist and co-founder of The Toast, is heading to Australia next week to appear at Sydney's All About Women festival.I spoke with her on the phone ahead of her appearance to talk about happiness, feminism and torch songs where the word 'me' is replaced by the word 'bees'.She has a husband and children and obviously they are a part of her life.But she's someone who, you know, I feel like she and I understand each other so well.

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