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“I need to pour that time back into me and back into my husband before we even think about adding another child to our family.

The Sister Sister actress, 39, shared the news on her Instagram account on Wednesday morning as she posted a photo of her large baby bump.

Joining the Instant Mom star was younger brothers Tahj, 31, and Tavior, 24, In a video, Tahj revealed how he learned the news of his sister's pregnancy through her son, Cree.

'We [the family] were just at a restaurant..Cree looks at me like, "Uncle Tosh, Uncle Tosh"...

“But my husband, who is so great, said, ‘You know what, Tamera?

“When my mom found out that I was dating a white man, she said, ‘Listen, I went through a lot and I want to make sure you love this man, because it’s not easy. So make sure that you guys are in this together and make sure you understand what you will face.’ ” “I said, ‘Mom, what are you talking about? “I look at my parents and I think, ‘Wow, they must be really strong, because what they’ve been through is 100 times worse than what we’ve gone through.’ ” alum, parenting each of her kids — daughter Ariah Talea, 22 months, and son Aden John Tanner, 4½ — is “kind of even right now” in terms of difficulty level.

Charlize Theron is finally reacting to old rumors that she once was rude to Tia Mowry after a run-in at Soul Cycle. I’m just being honest.” Then, Dish Nation reported that Theron, 41, was “so pissed off” that she demanded Soul Cycle ban Mowry from their spin classes.

The Oscar winner gave her side of the story during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Sunday, July 23. During a round of “Plead the Fifth,” Cohen recapped the rumors and asked Theron what really happened. “Well you can’t go by that,” Theron said of the false story.

“As a toddler, [Ariah] has trouble communicating,” says Mowry-Housley.

“Now that I’ve been through that phase, I know, ‘Okay, we just have to teach her to use her words.

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