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Along with Harvard theologian Harvey Cox, he spearheaded the field of secular theology and, like William Barclay, he was a believer in universal salvation.

Robinson was born on in the precincts of Canterbury Cathedral, England, where his father was a canon.

But many also wondered exactly who the new man in her life is. Ramsey was born in Louisville, KY, and discovered a love of performing at 12 during a summer class in his hometown.

In 1996, he was accepted into the 29th group in the drama division of the Juilliard School in New York City, graduating in 2000.

Here’s to hoping she continues the good work she’s been doing in the community.

Fans of GENERAL HOSPITAL were happy for actress Laura Wright (Carly) when she announced that she was now dating actor Wes Ramsey following her 2016 divorce from husband John.

In 1951, he was appointed Fellow and Dean of Clare College, Cambridge and a lecturer in divinity at Cambridge University.

Robinson was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 1983 states: "Robinson notes that Christ, in Origen's old words, remains on the Cross so long as one sinner remains in [H]ell.Shortly after, Ramsey landed the role of Sam Spencer on GUIDING LIGHT, a role he played for two years, overlapping with Wright's stint as Cassie on the CBS sudser.As the younger brother of Crystal Chappell’s Olivia Spencer, Sam was involved in a love triangle with Marah Lewis and Tony Santos, and eventually left to attend journalism school.After a couple years off, John Elway and Paige Green first met at a golf tournament in 2005, two years after Elway’s divorce. I’d enjoy my escape from Shawshank before I settled down again.Two years seems about right for a gap between marriage and meeting? I’m only four years into my marriage, but when my wife leaves me (it’s gonna happen), I plan on taking a couple years off. But if my wife is reading, I promise there’s no one but you.

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