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Was sure that Greece would unsettle the ECB initiative but so far the ECB is winning in keeping EU at surprising highs (surprising to me anyway).

Buy, hold and forget about them for 10 years is a recipie for disaster. My current strategy is to trade over the longer term, certainly not within the day. I'm Not warren buffet or George soros, however I've a nice small portfolio with a couple of properties for my efforts, nothing flash, however, it's working for me and I'm happy.

One of the thing's I've always wondered is how day traders "keep tabs" on what to jump in/out of I struggle to keep tabs of 5 companies over a long period!

I've decided forex is a voodo art that I'll never understand! When I started I'd be chasing markets as they moved and end up making wrong decisions, got wiped out twice before I learned to keep cool.

Plus CGT discount to factor in if you held onto them. Even the Oil Companies I bought are up despite Oil being down.

I'm all smiles at the moment I invest purely on fundamentals in areas I understand well (primarily junior explorers) but would love to learn more about the technical side of things.

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Just because someone does something that is quite profitable, doesn't mean that they should be the richest person ever Buy & hold is nether lucrative nor safe anymore, if you don't have the time or don't want to trade then you are better off in a managed fund.

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